The Vinyl Groove is an independent record store nestled in the heart of downtown Bedford, Ohio.


  Since 2014, the Vinyl Groove has amassed a loyal base of customers among discerning music lovers. With its vast collection of used and new records, its affordably priced vintage audio equipment, and its friendly and knowledgeable staff, the Vinyl Groove is definitely the best record store that has ever existed.


 We welcome enthusiasts, historians, and archaeologists of all stripes! With used records being added daily, the Vinyl Groove is a veritable cornucopia of musical artifacts waiting to be discovered!

                       2020 & Beyond New Releases

The Full Story

 Like anything else, it started as a hobby.....

Long Story Short, The hobby prospered into a store to Share the Love of music, Records and vintage stereo equipment to the masses. 

Unlike chain record stores, we too are record junkies. Every slab of wax has history and a story that we would like to share with the world.




 Our used selection, featuring everything from ABBA to Zappa, is clean, well-organized, and priced fairly. Our collection expands at an awe-inspiring and supernatural rate, with new arrivals being added daily, if not hourly. Newcomers looking to fortify their burgeoning collections with classic albums will find an ample supply of hits at the Vinyl Groove. Conversely, the seasoned collector may just as easily stumble upon a lost masterpiece by an artist elusive or obscure to them.


  But how do we do it? How do we maintain such a high standard of quality?


  At the Vinyl Groove, our private militia of highly-trained record monks meticulously cleanse questionable incoming stock using our patented 3-step process to prepare it for sale.


  First, we place the record on our custom, heavy-duty VPI Record Cleaning Machines, bathing each side in our proprietary Wax Cleaner formula, lifting the foul curse of dust, dirt, grime and fingerprints from the vinyl. The surface is scrubbed using a natural bristle brush special-ordered from Buckingham Palace to attain a deep-groove clean fit for royalty. Following this initial scrub, the record is vacuumed and carefully inspected for remaining grime.


  Next, the record undergoes the rinse phase. Crystal clear, laboratory-grade distilled water is pooled on the surface of the record and pushed deep into the grooves using a Mobile Fidelity brush to loosen and remove any remaining debris or cleaner, and the record is vacuumed and inspected once more.


  Finally, the record is sheathed in a fresh paper inner sleeve to protect it from dust. The attendant record monk lights incense and composes a haiku for the record. It is then brought to the front of the shop and listened to on our turntable to be mercilessly scrutinized for pops, ticks, scratches and skips. If the record is found to be wanting, it is either discarded or banished to the dollar bin for bargain hunters.


  ONLY when the record meets the standards of our staff do we consider it fit to wear a price tag. ONLY THEN is it GOOD ENOUGH for our discerning customers.


(440) 439-8371

679 Broadway Ave, Bedford, OH 44146, USA